Pre-school nurseries

Pre-school nurseries also sometimes known as playgroups or pre-school playgroups provide care and education for children. The age range of pre-school nurseries is from two years to five years, although some nurseries only take children that are three years of age and above.

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Some pre-school nurseries are on the Richmond Directory of Providers. All children that attend nurseries on this list are entitled to 3 and 4 year old funding from the term beginning after their third birthday. Follow this link for more information on Early Education Funding.

Are pre-school nurseries registered?

Pre-school daycare nurseries have to be registered with Ofsted.

Download a copy of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework that registered early years providers have to meet.

When do pre-school nurseries run?

Pre-school nurseries operate for periods of less than four hours at a time and usually follow term times. Most pre-school nurseries are open in the morning for a minimum of two and a half hours, but some also run sessions in the afternoon.

Where are pre-school nurseries located?

Pre-school nurseries are located in specially built facilities or facilities that have been modified specifically for the purpose.

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Updated: 3 November 2017