John Cloake Prints

5 March to 9 April 2016

Local historian and author John Cloake (1924-2014) began to amass a collection of Richmond prints when he moved to the borough in 1963. Initially he set out on a journey to discover the origins of his home on Richmond Hill, purchasing prints to accompany the major discoveries he made. From there, Cloake became involved in the writing of many local histories, the formation of the town’s Local History Society, and the initiation of the Museum of Richmond; a true champion for local studies in the borough.

About the exhibition

This exciting exhibition opens doors on Cloake’s print collection, giving a pictorial insight into the history of the Borough throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

This exhibition will run in conjunction with another at the Museum of Richmond from 5 March to 1 July.

Updated: 26 April 2017