Sumiko Okubo

A Poem of the Harvest IV by Sumiko Okubo A Poem of the Harvest IV by Sumiko OkuboJapanese artist Sumiko Okubo presents prints and drawings reflecting nature and the elements.  This exhibition expresses Okubo's enjoyment of the beauty of nature and her works evoke a romantic lyricism of beautiful colours and images. Weaving together abstract and concrete images, her works capture the transience of changing season.

17 July - 18 September 2010

Sumiko Okubo's work is widely published and exhibited in Japan and abroad. She is a Director of the Japanese Art Society (Shunyokai) established in 1922 with 600 members.

Initially trained in Tokyo she also studied at the Central School of Art and Design under Norman Ackroyd (RA) and Chris Orr (RA). While living in London she exhibited at the Royal Academy and appeared on BBC television arts programmes, in the Artists Review and in Concours. She has regularly exhibited her prints and drawings (collectively called 'A Poem of Nature') in a range of UK and Japanese galleries.

Since returning to Japan she has established herself as a major influence in Japanese printmaking. Her work is inspired by the natural world combined with a deep sense of the spiritual.

However her prints are unique in that her traditional Japanese style is imbued with the western influences she absorbed during her time in London, all this beautiful work produced by woodblock and etching.

As the noted Tokyo Art Critic Kensuke Tsukada has written of her:

'The modern print techniques and influences she absorbed in London blend perfectly with the metaphysical world and the traditional sense of beauty so important in Japanese Art. It is a lyrical world derived from the luminous and misty style of the Korin School'.

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