Village Plan for the Ham and Petersham area

Planning Policy

Each village is distinctive in terms of the community, facilities and local character. The borough's villages are attractive with many listed buildings and conservation areas. The local character of each is unique, recognisable and important to the community and to the character of the borough as a whole. In response to the Council's 'All in One' survey, which showed that residents had a desire to shape planning guidance for their local area, the Council is developing Village Planning Guidance in the form of Supplementary Planning Document (SPDs), with the exception of Ham and Petersham, where the designated Neighbourhood Forum is developing its own Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

Over the last three years Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum have consulted with the local community and have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan. The Forum submitted their draft Neighbourhood Plan to Richmond Council and this will be available for public consultation from Wednesday 6 December 2017 to Friday 26 January 2018, and will be subject to an independent examination, followed by a local referendum in 2018.

If approved the Plan's policies will become part of the statutory planning framework within the Richmond, London and national frameworks thus giving us significant influence on local planning matters.

For more information about Ham and Petersham’s Neighbourhood Plan, please visit Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum.

Updated: 26 January 2018