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In July 2019, Richmond Council declared a Climate Emergency, committing to working towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. We also want to support our residents to minimise their environmental impact by reducing their own carbon footprint.

About Solar Together

One way of doing this is by generating your own clean energy. Solar Panels can save you money on your electricity bills and power your home with clean energy. We are working in partnership with the Mayor of London to make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible for Richmond residents.

Solar Together is an innovative scheme offering high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage. It is a group-buying scheme, which brings households across London together to get high-quality solar panels at a competitive price. You are helped through the process and informed at every stage. If you already have solar panels installed, you can still benefit from the scheme by registering to have battery storage added to your existing solar panels.

You can register your interest on the Solar Together Richmond website 

How does it work?

  1. Registration: You can register before Tuesday 15 March 2022 for free and without obligation on Solar Together Richmond website. To register, you simply provide details about your roof, such as its size and orientation. The more people that register, the better the deal should be for each household.
  2. Auction: An auction will be held on Tuesday 15 March 2022 where our pre-vetted solar installers will submit bids for the work. The more people that register, the better the deal should be for each household
  3. Personal recommendation: From Monday 4 April 2022 you will be emailed your personal recommendation, based on your registration details. This includes your costs and specifications of your system
  4. You decide: The decision is then yours as to whether you want to accept your recommendation. There is no obligation to continue. You will have until Friday 13 May 2022 to decide and will be invited to an information session prior to this end date
  5. Installation: If you accept, the winning installer will contact you to survey your roof and set an installation date. All installations are planned to be completed by the end of October 2022

Find out more

For more information about likely costs, the amount of energy you can expect to generate, and lots more, visit Solar Together Richmond where you can register for the scheme and get in touch with our helpdesk.

Planning permission

In most cases planning permission is not required to install solar panels – it is classed as permitted development.

In all permitted development cases, you do still need to meet the following requirements:

  • The system should be installed in such a way that the effect on the external appearance of the building and the amenity of the area is minimal.
  • When no longer needed, equipment should be removed as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • The system cannot be higher than the highest part of the roof (excluding any chimney).
  • The system cannot protrude more than 0.2 metres beyond the plane of the roof slope.
  • If your property is in a conservation area, solar panels must not be installed on the front of the property, for example, on any roof or wall facing the public highway. Check if you are in a conservation area 

The vast majority of installations under Solar Together will meet these conditions and not require planning permission.

When you need planning permission

Note that if you are installing solar panels on a flat roof, you will need to seek planning permission as they will protrude more than 0.2 metres beyond the plane of the roof.

There are some properties in the borough that may require planning permission. These are listed properties and, in some limited cases, properties in conservation areas with an Article 4 Direction.

If you live in a listed building you would need to apply for listed building consent. In this case you should seek advice from the Planning team.

An Article 4 Direction is used where there is a street or group of similarly designed properties with a special character, and it has been decided that seemingly minor changes could greatly disrupt the character and appearance of these buildings. Most Article 4 Directions will not prevent you from installing solar panels. Check whether your property is affected by an Article 4 Direction.


Contact our Planning team as soon as possible if you are unsure or likely to need planning permission.

Telephone: 020 8891 1411

You can seek pre-application advice free of charge if your application is specifically related to promoting sustainable development (such as installing solar panels). Please note that where sustainable measures are not the main purpose of the development, the pre-application advice will be chargeable.   

Updated: 20 April 2022

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