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Date: Friday 3 April 2020
Author: Richmond Borough MIND

Are you a young person or do you know a young person who might be feeling sad, angry, afraid?  Richmond Borough MIND want them to know that they are not alone.

COVID-19 has changed our way of life. Two weeks ago you would have been at school or college. Now, the new normal, social distancing and lock down, is what young people need to contend with.

Faced with uncertainty around education and your future plans, your daily routine up in the air – it’s understandable if you Are feeling upset, anxious or angry. Here are a few tips to help manage this period of isolation and uncertainty. 

It’s okay not to feel okay 

There is no right or wrong way to feel in this situation. Your feelings are valid. If you can identify a particular feeling (sadness, fear, boredom, anxiety etc) then this is an important step in helping you manage your emotions.

Stay connected 

Talk to people who make you feel better. This could be your family or friends. Try to get some virtual face-to-face time through apps like FaceTime or Skype. Set up new group chats or a games session on Houseparty. You could even make some new friends at school or college through online studying.

Have a routine 

Set up a regular routine (including a different one for the weekend) and keep to it as much as possible. As well as learning, include fun activities and build in time to relax - make a conscious effort to distinguish study time and leisure time.

Keep yourself healthy 

Make sure you are eating healthily and drinking enough water. Try to get some exercise which could include workouts in your home. Make sure you are getting enough sleep too – it’s really important for our mental and physical health.

Keep yourself occupied  

There are so many things you can do without leaving the house, galleries and museums are offering virtual tours of exhibitions, zoos have webcams, bands are doing live streams: Check out our Top Twenty things to do when Social Distancing.

And remember - this will not last forever 

Things move on and for those who are missing exams you are not alone. There are thousands of people in a similar situation. 

Finally if you need support during this time please reach out, whether that’s to friends and family or using a helpline like Childline or The Mix. You are not alone.

Below are some ideas on things you could do whilst staying home and social distancing:

  1. Bake or cook something new from a cookbook (scones are easy and delicious)
  2. Play a board or card game
  3. Colour, draw, or paint
  4. Call a grandparent (you’ll make their day)
  5. Do a jigsaw puzzle, crossword, sudoku or word find
  6. Write in a journal – 2020 will be in the history books
  7. Find a book in your house you have never read before
  8. Play with your siblings
  9. Brainstorm business ideas to become a young entrepreneur.
  10. Practice or learn an instrument
  11. See if you can set a record at something
  12. Make a bucket list
  13. Go through your drawers and make a pile of clothes that you want to donate to charity
  14. Write a short story, poem or instapoetry (poetry for Instagram)
  15. Teach yourself cursive/calligraphy
  16. Learn how to juggle
  17. Become an expert in some obscure trivia 
  18. Ask your grandparents about their childhood
  19. Dream about where you’d like to be in five, 10, or even 20 years
  20. Do an extra job and surprise your parents/carers

Updated: 24 March 2021