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October is ADHD awareness month!

Community news on behalf of ADHD Embrace | 4 October 2022

October is ADHD awareness month and ADHD Embrace, the local charity for families and professionals who help children with ADHD, are trying to raise awareness of the condition.

ADHD is estimated to affect 5% of the population or 1 in 20 school kids in the UK. The problems start early in childhood - at home and at school where succeeding and thriving becomes increasingly hard for children whose challenges can be wide reaching. Many children end up struggling with relationships and school work, becoming isolated or even excluded from school.

ADHD Embrace is the charity that helps families, carers and professionals who live and work with children with ADHD in the Boroughs of Kingston and Richmond. They are asking all the local schools to have a cake sale for ADHD this month, for awareness of the condition to spread everywhere and any fundraising raised to help provide services for families.

Executive Director, Jenny Cooper, has a message for the local communities:

"In this month of special attention on ADHD, ADHD Embrace wish to highlight the need for better recognition and understanding for children with this condition so they can reach their full potential by being supported and understood."

Get in touch with ADHD Embrace at if you want to help your school arrange a cake sale.

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Updated: 4 October 2022

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