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Richmond Council is White Ribbon Accredited – showing its commitment to ending male violence against women

25 November 2021

In time for the start of this year’s 16 Days campaign, Richmond Council has taken a stand to end all male violence against women by becoming White Ribbon Accredited.

White Ribbon is a global campaign that encourages people, and especially men and boys, to act and change the behaviour and culture that leads to abuse and violence.

Gaining the accreditation is a challenging six stage process which can take several years to achieve. It commits organisations to a strategic approach to ending male violence against women by engaging with men and boys, changing cultures, and raising awareness

As part of the Council’s journey to becoming White Ribbon Accredited, it appointed Councillor Ben Khosa as its first White Ribbon Champion with the specific role of driving forward the borough’s work to tackle violence against women and girls. The Council has also recruited White Ribbon Ambassadors who are men who work for the Council and have committed to becoming positive male role models to change cultures that lead to violence against women.

For this year’s 16 Days campaign, the Council, amongst other initiatives, has worked with St Mary’s University to offer important training to secondary school teachers and support staff in the borough. The training will help staff identify and respond to any stalking, relationship abuse and coercive control being experienced by students.

There have been over 200 professionals sign up to attend the online 2-hour training sessions beginning on 24 November 2021. The training is delivered by St Mary’s University in partnership with the Alice Ruggles Trust as part of the Richmond Council’s strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.

Additionally, as part of this year’s 16 Days campaign, Richmond Council is hosting a 90-minute Community Conversation on domestic abuse, focusing on what people can do if they suspect someone is suffering from domestic abuse and what residents think the Council should be doing to tackle the issue. Everyone in Richmond upon Thames is invited to register to attend.

If you are experiencing or have experienced male violence and need support, visit our domestic abuse pages.

Cllr Ben Khosa said:

“Gaining White Ribbon Accreditation is our public commitment to ending male violence against women in Richmond upon Thames. We will set out an action plan of commitments for the next three years which will involve ensuring all Council staff have the knowledge and skills to address violence against women, as well as empower local communities to help end male violence.

“This is an important first step and I look forward to increasing our efforts when we publish our Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy to drive forward improvements.”

Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK added:

“Our call to end violence by raising awareness, educating, and campaigning to bring about change is greatly strengthened by working together with our White Ribbon accredited organisations. Our partners are able to engage with many thousands of people to change the cultures that lead to violence against women and girls. We are delighted to welcome Richmond Council as one of our White Ribbon Accredited organisations. Together we can prevent violence happening in the first place.”

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Updated: 25 November 2021

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