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Has your home ever flooded? Let us know

Release Date: 09 November 2020

Householders or property owners in the borough that have experienced flooding in their home or business are asked to let the Council know via a new online reporting tool.

This week is the start of Flood Action Week (9 to 15 November). During the week, the Environment Agency is raising awareness of flooding and what people can do to protect their home, possessions and family.

Therefore, the Council is using this week to launch a new ongoing data collection exercise to gather information about properties in the borough that flood. Flooding could have been caused by heavy rainfall, burst pipes, groundwater, sewer failure, blocked gullies or proximity to the river. Flooding could have been a ‘one-off’ or an unfortunate regular occurrence.

The information will be used to help the Council work with other authorities and agencies to prepare for and manage future flood risks in the borough.

The survey looks at:

  • What type of property it is
  • Where the flooding occurred
  • What caused the flooding
  • The extent of the flooding

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee, said:

“We want to make sure our residents and businesses are protected as much as possible against the damaging effects of floods. We will work with other agencies to make our Flood Management Strategy as joined-up and robust as it can be.

“To help us do this, I would urge people who live or run a business in Richmond to help us understand the scale of the issue.”

Residents are also urged to make sure they know what they need to do to protect their home from flooding. According to the Environment Agency, the average cost of flooding to a home is around £30,000. Flooding also brings a significant risk to life. The mental health impacts of flooding can last for two years or more after flooding has happened. Depression, anxiety and PTSD can affect up to a third of people who have been flooded.

Let us know if you have previously been impacted by flooding

Find out more about flooding.

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