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Marshgate Primary School nominated for National PTA Award

Community news on behalf of Marshgate Primary School Parent Staff Association | 4 May 2023

The Parent Staff Association (PSA) of Marshgate Primary School in Richmond has been shortlisted for the 'Champion PTA' category.

Marshgate PSA represents the international, multicultural and diverse area and have introduced activities that would appeal to everyone, regardless of their background. The events have included a book bazaar, an animal experience and a summer fair.

The award recognises the PTA who demonstrate how they have grown as an association, represented their diverse school and local community or gained credibility from their school and wider community, and shown collaboration to enhance the school community.

The nomination covers activities that took place in 2022, a year during which the committee represented all year groups, from Reception to Year 6, ensuring the events were relevant and, where appropriate, adapted to appeal to both younger and older children.

The term of the committee finishes in July 2023, with most parents agreeing to stay on for another year.

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Updated: 4 May 2023

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