Ruils community health team is coming to a community near you!

Community news on behalf of Ruils | 14 March 2023

Ruils Independent Living are launching a new project in partnership with NHS Richmond.

The aim of the project is to help Richmond residents access their community/local health services and give them a platform to feedback on what they think is missing in their community.

Between March and May 2023, the team will be going door to door in the Hampton, Whitton & Heathfield and Ham & Petersham areas asking residents for feedback on local community and health services.

They will also lead residents through a questionnaire asking them about what provision they would like to see changed or added in their local area, what services they have recently accessed and information about their health/well-being.

For residents that answer the door, the team will guide them through the questionnaire and give them a tote bag full of information about the services available in their local area.

For residents who are not home or are unable to answer the door, the team will post through a “sorry we missed you” postcard with information on how they can give feedback in their own time, online.

If residents have questions about this project or would like to check that the person knocking on their door is legitimate, they can get in touch with the Ruils team over the phone 020 8831 6083 or via email

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Up to: March 2023

Updated: 15 March 2023

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