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Appeal: SPEAR still need your help to address homelessness

2 June 2021

Many people are losing and will lose their homes due to the impact of the pandemic. Help charity SPEAR be there to offer both hope and help to fellow Richmond upon Thames community members.

SPEAR helps homeless people in South West London to find secure accommodation and a positive future. It is a community charity that helps people achieve independent living. In 2019/20, the charity helped 630 rough sleepers across South West London.

They offer services including help finding immediate accommodation, support to find long term accommodation, help to address health and mental health issues, support to develop skills and qualifications and support to find employment. To donate to this important crowd funder, go to Crowdfunder.

You can also help SPEAR's outreach team by contacting them on 020 8404 1481 or if you have seen rough sleepers and know their location, the date and time they were seen and any physical descriptions.

Community news on behalf of SPEAR

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Updated: 2 June 2021