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Let us know the streets which you think could use additional street lighting to help people feel safer

6 July 2022

As part of Richmond Council’s work to tackle violence against women and girls, residents are encouraged to request additional street lighting on the borough’s public roads and footpaths where they feel unsafe. 

Whilst better street lighting alone will not necessarily make Richmond upon Thames safer for women and girls, councillors have received feedback about certain streets in the borough where inadequate lighting makes people feel unsafe. To get a better picture of where these streets are, the Council is reminding residents that they can request additional street lighting on public highways and footpaths. The request will then be subject to an assessment. Please note that the Council can only add lighting to public highways and not to private land.

Whilst this form is limited to street lighting, the met police also have a StreetSafe website where you can record areas where you feel unsafe due to other factors such as abandoned buildings, vandalism, or perhaps you have been followed or verbally abused. The police will then use this information to work with the Council on additional changes such as installing CCTV or introducing night-time patrols.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, the Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“A YouGov survey from 2021 shows that almost two thirds of women say they “always” or “often” feel unsafe when walking alone outdoors, and that 41% take regular steps to protect themselves from sexual assault.

“Whilst better street lighting is part of a much larger puzzle to help improve the safety of women and girls at night, the way that our streets are designed does have an impact on the likelihood of crimes being committed and a well-lit street will help people to feel safer at night.”

The Council has allocated £139,000 towards its Safety of Women at Night strategy, which includes the following key strands of work:

  • Increasing engagement with businesses operating at night-time, ensuring they understand safe space initiatives and work with us to improve the safety of women and girls in and around their venues
  • Increasing community safety officer focus where businesses and communities are active at night
  • Delivering bystander training to businesses and night-time staff
  • Holding one stop shops across the borough to allow people to access support and advice on safety measures
  • Developing a ‘Safety of Women and Girls’ community forum to bring together partner businesses and the local community
  • Delivering communications to raise awareness around staying safe at night
  • Working with schools to engage with young boys aged 13 and dover
  • Providing direct support to survivors of sexual abuses and harassment
  • Working with the Street Pastors to provide visible and practical support to vulnerable women at night

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