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Get in the saddle this Cycle to Work Day

28 July 2022

Cycle to Work Day takes place on 4 August and to mark the day Richmond Council is encouraging residents to cycle and walk more journeys this summer.

Cycling has many benefits for both our health and local air quality in the borough. There are a number of ways Richmond Council is supporting and encouraging residents and businesses to get pedalling.

Some businesses are developing new ways of doing logistics with support from the Council's new community cargo bike scheme that helps to reduce journey time compared with a delivery van, improve their customer image and lower costs.

Visit the Our Bike website to register to hire one of the community cargo bikes in the borough or to find out more about the scheme. Businesses and residents that register for the scheme will benefit from two hours free usage every day!

The Council has also partnered with Peddle My Wheels to enable businesses and residents to hire a bicycle, e-bike, cargo bike, e-cargo bike or trailer with the option to buy the bike at the end or simply return it. Find out more about the Try Before You Bike scheme.

If you can't cycle this Cycle to Work Day there are plenty of other solutions that can help to improve the borough’s air quality and your health:

  • Use public transport
  • Have a go at walking, cycling or scooting for local journeys
  • Look into the option of a car club as an alternative to owning a private car
  • Switch off your engine when you are not moving. Engine idling increases local air pollution and is a particular issue in our town centres, at level crossings and outside schools
  • Think green for deliveries. Use a collection point rather than home delivery service and choose the green option when available, so your delivery is made by a vehicle already in your area

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