Beware! Toads crossing

28 February 2022

Richmond Council is reminding residents on Church Road in Ham to keep an eye out for breeding toads as they begin their annual carriageway cross.

The toads, which live on Ham Common are currently breeding and will make the 100-metre journey from their habitat to pools on the other side of the road to spawn for approximately three weeks.To ensure the safety of the toads, a small section of Church Road (between Ham Gate Avenue and Latchmere Lane) will be closed from Monday 7 March until Friday 1 April 2022. Residents in the area have been notified by post of the migration and road closure.Over 100,000 toads annually are helped across roads by volunteers throughout the UK and the number of toad patrols has doubled since 2009. To aid the toads on their journey, small fencing has been installed along the edge of the common to enable the toad patrol patrollers to pick them up and help them over the highway to complete their onward journey.Temporary signage has been erected by the Council to warn drivers about the toad migration. There will be a diversion in place to avoid the closed road, which is via Ham Gate Avenue, Upper Ham Road and Church Road and vice versa.

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Updated: 1 March 2022

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