Village Plan for the Hampton Wick area

Vision for Hampton Wick

Hampton Wick will retain its sense of identity as a mixed community, derived from its role as a historic settlement by the River Thames and its residential areas offering largely family housing. Its centre will thrive and be attractive, with a mix of retail and other facilities, and its residential areas, open spaces and public realm including pedestrian links, will be maintained and enhanced.

Residents and businesses will enjoy the convenient location close to the River Thames, outstanding open spaces at Bushy and Home Parks, excellent schools, and other community and retail facilities in Teddington and Kingston. Public transport will be improved as a result of Crossrail, and the detrimental impacts of traffic and parking will be managed and through traffic reduced.

Hampton Wick Village Plan

The Hampton Wick Village Plan has been developed by Hampton Wick residents and the Council, working together to improve the area.

Content includes:

  • Key issues in your local area, and what the Council and community are doing about them
  • How to get involved in your local area
  • Hampton Wick's local planning document

The Hampton Wick Village Plan is a live document which means it can be updated to reflect changing priorities and projects in the local area.

If you have anything you would like to add or change, please email

What is Village Planning?

Village Planning provides residents with the opportunity to work with the Council to set out a vision for the area’s future environment and community, and establish how local residents, the Council and community groups can achieve that vision together. In this vein, Village Planning is designed to empower local residents, enabling them to shape and improve the areas they live in and the services they value.

The village areas emerged from the All in One Survey in November 2010, when each Richmond resident was asked to choose the area of the borough they identified with most. Since November 2010, Village Planning has had a number of practical applications:

  • Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): Village Planning consultation has given residents the chance to develop a planning document, called a SPD. This includes a vision for the physical environment of an area and provides locally distinctive guidance in relation to the design and character of the relevant areas. Once adopted by the Council, the SPDs provide guidance to planners and developers, and assessment of proposals against the SPD will form part of the planning process.
  • Community Services: Consultation has also given residents the chance to raise issues with the Council and to get council services to address them quickly. It has identified areas where community services could be improved, providing opportunities for local residents and the Council to work together to make that happen.

Village Planning seeks to give communities as much influence in planning matters as Neighbourhood Plans. Whilst Neighbourhood Plans require communities to organise and write their plans themselves, the Council recognises that this is not feasible for every community, and that many need additional support to develop their plans.

All in One results for Hampton Wick

Village Planning developed out of an initial, large-scale consultation that took place across Richmond borough in November 2010. This consultation asked residents to choose the village area they identified with most. 249 people who responded to the All in One survey lived in Hampton Wick.

The survey also asked residents what mattered to them most in their village, and what they wanted to most be improved.

Residents were overwhelmingly positive about their area, with 92% stating that they were very satisfied with Hampton Wick as a place to live. Residents said that the following aspects were most important in making their area a good place to live:

  • 80% - Local parks and open spaces
  • 40% - Level of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • 32% - Public transport
  • 21% - Library services
  • 19% - Shopping in your local high street

Residents said that the following things most needed improving in Hampton Wick:

  • 36% - Traffic and/or levels of congestion
  • 27% - Shopping in your local high street
  • 25% - Provision of parking
  • 24% - Condition of pavements
  • 18% - Development and planning issues
  • 18% - Waste and recycling
  • 18% - Level of crime and anti-social behaviour

You can read the full survey results(pdf, 892KB) report for Hampton Wick.

How we came up with the area covered by the Plan

In our All in One survey in 2010, we asked people to tell us what they considered to be their ‘local area’. We used the information residents gave us to draw up the village area shown on this map. The boundaries are not prescriptive; villages overlap and people can choose whichever area they most identify with and contribute to any of the Village Plans. Anyone who lives close to a village area – or who works there or has some other connection – is welcome to make comments about the village plan or get involved in making the area better, even if they do not live within the village boundary as shown here.

Hampton Wick Village includes parts of Hampton Wick ward.

The former Hampton Wick Urban District Council was the largest area in London because it included Home and Bushy Park right up to Hampton Court. The current political ward boundaries have shrunk over the years because they are dependant on the size of the population.

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