Village Plan for the Ham and Petersham area

Vision for Ham and Petersham

The vision for Ham and Petersham is based on maintaining and where possible, enhancing, the unique village character of Ham and Petersham, important aspects of which include the iconic view from Richmond Hill; ensuring Ham Parade and local parades at Ashburnham Road and Back Lane/Ham Street continue to provide a shopping and service centre for residents and visitors; and that the towpath and open spaces are well maintained and enjoyed by all.

Over the last three years Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum have consulted with the local community and have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The Forum submitted their draft Neighbourhood Plan to Richmond Council and this will be available for public consultation from Wednesday 6 December 2017 to Friday 26 January 2018, and will be subject to an independent examination, followed by a local referendum in 2018.

If approved the Plan's policies will become part of the statutory planning framework within the Richmond, London and national frameworks thus giving us significant influence on local planning matters.

Ham and Petersham Village Plan

The Ham and Petersham Village Plan has been developed by residents and the Council, working together to improve the area.

On these pages, you will find:

  • Key issues in your local area, and what the Council and Community are doing about them
  • How to get involved in your local area

The Ham and Petersham Village Plan is a live document which means it can be updated to reflect changing priorities and projects in the local area. If you have anything you would like to add or change, please email

What is Village Planning?

Village Planning provides residents with the opportunity to work with the Council to set out a vision for the area’s future environment and community, and establish how local residents, the Council and community groups can achieve that vision together. In this vein, Village Planning is designed to empower local residents, enabling them to shape and improve the areas they live in and the services they value.

The village areas emerged from the All in One Survey in November 2010, when each Richmond resident was asked to choose the area of the borough they identified with most. Since November 2010, Village Planning has had a number of practical applications:

  • Supplementary Planning Document (SPD): Village Planning consultation has given residents the chance to develop a planning document, called a SPD. This includes a vision for the physical environment of an area and provides locally distinctive guidance in relation to the design and character of the relevant areas.  Once adopted by the Council, the SPDs provide guidance to planners and developers, and assessment of proposals against the SPD will form part of the planning process.
  • Community Services: Consultation has also given residents the chance to raise issues with the Council and to get council services to address them quickly. It has identified areas where community services could be improved, providing opportunities for local residents and the Council to work together to make that happen.

Village Planning seeks to give communities as much influence in planning matters as Neighbourhood Plans. Whilst Neighbourhood Plans require communities to organise and write their plans themselves, the Council recognises that this is not feasible for every community, and that many need additional support to develop their plans.

Ham and Petersham’s Neighbourhood Plan

Over the last three years Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum have worked hard to consult with the local community and have prepared a draft Neighbourhood Plan. The Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum was designated by the Council on 16th January 2014 under the Localism Act 2011. It is the formally recognised ’qualifying body’ for the area, comprising a large group of active residents, business representatives and representatives of local community services and voluntary groups. The Neighbourhood Forum was established with a view to bringing forward a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

The overarching purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to enable the community in Ham and Petersham to have a say in deciding the future development of the area. The Forum has sought the views of the local community through extensive consultation.

The Forum has consulted on the draft Plan for six weeks from 30 January to 10 March 2017. It is anticipated that the Plan will be submitted to Richmond Council early summer 2017. There will be a further statutory public consultation on the Plan, an examination in public, which is carried out by an independent examiner, and the process will end with a local referendum (anticipated to take place in 2018) when all residents will be entitled to vote on the Plan. If approved the Plan’s policies will become part of the statutory planning framework for the borough and it will have to be taken into account when making decision on planning applications within the Ham and Petersham area.

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to supplement and build on existing strategic and local policies in the London Plan and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’ (LBRuT) Local Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan enables planning issues which are of particular importance to Ham and Petersham to be assessed in detail and relevant policies to be set out. It is not required to cover all planning issues in Ham and Petersham as many of these are adequately covered in the existing strategic and local plans. Therefore, the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to limit itself to local planning issues in Ham and Petersham which require specific additional local guidance. The Neighbourhood Plan is also supported by detailed neighbourhood area character studies covering the different parts of Ham and Petersham.

All in One results for Ham and Petersham

In November 2010 a postal survey was sent to every household in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to capture local views and priorities.

613 people responded to the survey in Ham & Petersham (representing 17% of households in the area), with 94% stating that they were very satisfied with their local area as a place to live. When commenting on what residents like best about their area, most frequently mentioned were parks and open spaces, the river, shops, friendliness, community spirit and peacefulness of the area.

What you told us is “most important” in the area:

  • Local parks and open spaces (78%)
  • Level of crime and anti-social behaviour (34%)
  • Public transport (32%)
  • Library services (30%)
  • Shopping in your local high street (26%)

You can read the full survey results report for Ham and Petersham(pdf, 1214KB)

How we came up with the area covered by the Plan

In our All in One survey in 2010, we asked people to tell us what they considered to be their ‘local area’. We used the information residents gave us to draw up the village area shown on this map. The boundaries are not prescriptive; villages overlap and people can choose whichever area they most identify with and contribute to any of the Village Plans. Anyone who lives close to a village area – or who works there or has some other connection – is welcome to make comments about the village plan or get involved in making the area better, even if they do not live within the village boundary as shown here.

Ham and Petersham Village includes parts of Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside ward.

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