All in One - results

We had a fantastic response from local residents with over 13,500 (17% of households in the borough) completing the All in One survey. The key findings from the survey are outlined here:

All in One survey

Things you like about living in Richmond upon Thames

You love living in Richmond upon Thames – 92% of respondents were satisfied with their local area as a place to live.

When asked to describe what you like best about your local area, these were the results:

  • Parks and open spaces (chosen by 73% of respondents)
  • Low level of crime and anti-social behaviour (chosen by 38% of respondents)
  • Shopping in your local high street (chosen by 35% of respondents)
  • Public transport (chosen by 34% of respondents)

This image shows open space at Mortlake Green, a group of local community support officers and a train at Richmond Station “I love the area and the open spaces” - “There is a safe, friendly community" - “Great area and good transport links”

Other things you like included library services (20%) and education and schools (19%).

Things you think could be improved

When asked what things most needed to be improved in your local area, two issues came up much more than others.

These were the results:

  • Traffic and congestion (chosen by 34% of respondents)
  • Condition of pavements (chosen by 30% of respondents)
  • Shopping in local high street (chosen by 22% of respondents)
  • Parking provision (chosen by 21% of respondents)
  • Condition of roads (chosen by 20% of respondents)

This image shows traffic congestion, a cracked pavement and some shops in a local high street which are closed "Far too much traffic for road space" - “The pavements are in bad condition” - "The High Street is run down"

Shopping in the local high street was the only issue that rated highly in both categories. 35% of respondents said it was something they liked about their local area, whereas 22% thought it could be improved.

Feeling informed and influencing decisions

Over half of respondents (52%) said they felt informed about services in their local area, while only 19% felt they could actually influence the decisions made.

Getting involved

Over half of respondents (53%) said they would like to know how to get involved more locally. The main area people wanted to get involved with was local service delivery, especially related to developing local shops and businesses. They were also keen to give their views on the priorities put forward for their area.

Defining your local area or neighbourhood

The survey also asked you to describe what you considered to be your local area or neighbourhood. Around 92% of respondents said they lived in one of 14 areas. We mapped these descriptions against postcodes and were able to define 14 village areas, which covered a number of different wards.

We have analysed the results of the survey for each of the 14 village areas. To view the results for your local area click on the map below or visit My Richmond Villages.

BarnesKewMortlakeEast SheenRichmond/Richmond HillHam and PetershamSt Margaret's/East TwickenhamHampton WickTeddingtonHamptonHampton HillStrawberry HillTwickenhamWhitton/Heathfield

Village planning events

Following the survey we arranged a series of village planning events across the borough during the summer of 2011. These events gave residents the chance to discuss any issues in more detail and find potential solutions. This included looking at ways we could work together with the community to take things forward in the future.

Over 1,300 people attended the nine events.

Feedback from events

We received very positive feedback from residents who attended the events.

90% of the people who gave us feedback said the event:

  • Focused on the right issues
  • Enabled local people to get their views across about what needs to be done to improve their local area
  • Were useful and would recommend them to others

However, only 39% felt the Council would act on the concerns discussed.

We set up the My Richmond Villages web pages for people who were unable to attend the events.

This online community allows you to see the issues discussed at your local event and even continue the discussions online. It also includes a video about your local area.

What happens next?

We have used the information gathered from the survey and events to form the basis for Village Action Plans. Each of the 14 villages has their own plan.

View your village plan.

Updated: 12 May 2017