Uplift is Richmond Council’s programme to rejuvenate the Whitton, Hampton North, Barnes, Mortlake, Ham and Fulwell and Hampton Hill areas of the Borough, which local people say are in need of improvement.


The aim is to make every town within Richmond upon Thames a place which its residents can be proud to live in and which has a lively high street with thriving businesses.

This will be achieved through listening and working with people to address concerns and use local knowledge, allowing a bespoke ‘uplifting’ of each area which respects both its heritage and future potential.

The Uplift programme for each town is based on the results of the Council’s All in One survey which took place last December. More than 13,700 residents from across Richmond upon Thames told the Council what they thought about where they lived.

The Council has already invested more than £5m in Uplift projects around the borough.


Updated: 21 June 2017