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We are applying the Department for Transport’s recommendation of providing 20mph repeater signs every 200m. As street lighting means that a road automatically has a speed limit of 30mph (under the UK Highway Code), signage is required at adequate intervals along the road to tell drivers the speed limit is not 30mph.

  • The majority of 20mph signs have been designed on existing street lighting columns or posts
  • The majority of new posts required will be at the locations where there is a change in speed limit, for example side roads off of the A205 where the speed changes from 30mph to 20mph
  • We will be taking this opportunity to declutter any other existing signage, for example entry plates for controlled parking zones (CPZs)

Officers are working hard to remove previous 30mph speed limit signage in each area. However, if signs have been accidentally missed, and therefore conflict with the new 20mph signs, the incorrect signage can be reported to

Road markings

There will be 20 road markings at key points such as where the speed limit changes or in the vicinity of schools to further highlight and enhance the lower speed limit.

Speed cameras

Changes to existing speed cameras are now in effect. There are no current plans for additional speed cameras or speed reducing measures at this time.

Updated: 06 July 2020

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