We spend more than £100 million pounds every year on goods, works and services.

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How procurement works

We follow strict procedures to ensure we obtain best value for money.

To purchase goods and services, we obtain quotations and tenders according to the value of the contract as follows:

  • Up to £999 - use framework contract if one exists. If no framework contract exists, purchase from an appropriate source which ensures best value for the Council.
  • £1000 to £49,999 - use framework contract if one exists. If no framework contract exists get three written quotes in consultation with the Procurement team.
  • £50,000 and above  - speak to the Procurement team.

The Contract Standing Orders are contained within part 4 of the Council Constitution.

In line with EU rules, we follow set procedures for contracts over the following thresholds:  

  • Supplies and services: £164,176
  • Works: £4,104,394

Procurement schedule

View our planned procurement schedule (pdf, 28.9 KB)


Richmond Council uses an e-procurement system, London Tenders Portal, to advertise tender opportunities and market engagement events, as well as trading electronically with suppliers. In simple terms, e-procurement means buying and paying for goods and services electronically; mainly using the internet. This is becoming increasingly popular with public and private sector organisations.

In order to trade electronically with Richmond Council, organisations must register for free with the London Tenders Portal. The London Tenders Portal has a series of user guides to assist with navigating the portal.

If you have any problems, contact the portal's technical support on or 01670 597 136.

Approved list

The Council only maintains an approved list for the provision of construction and related services. This is maintained by Exor Management Services.

All Contractors are vetted both financially and technically before being included on the list. There are a limited number of contractors permitted within each category of works.

For works or services for which there is an associated category on the list, only contractors included on the list will be invited to tender. However, please note that this is only applicable up to the OJEU Threshold. Above the threshold formal advertisements will be issued inviting companies to submit an expression of interest.

For further details on applying to join the list, contact Exor Management Services on 08719 307279.

Contracts register

As part of the Transparency Code, we now publish our Master Contracts Register.


We have a Parks and Open Spaces Maintenance Services Framework available.

Agency staff

The Borough uses a Master Vendor model to recruit temporary agency staff. Agency workers can only be recruited through Adecco, which is the service provider managing the contract.

Any supplier wishing to provide agency or interim staff to Richmond should contact directly for further information.

Further information

We publish a range of information about the Council that may be of use if you are interested in doing business with us, including details of payments made to suppliers.

The following external sites may also be useful:

View our glossary of commonly used procurement terminology (pdf, 46.5 KB)

Make an enquiry

If you have any questions about our procurement process, please contact the Procurement team.

Telephone: 020 8891 7194

Updated: 5 May 2017