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31 March 2016

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I was interested in the recent Budget statement increasing employers' contributions to Public Sector pension schemes. Could you please provide me with answers to the following:

1) How many pension schemes do London Borough of Richmond contribute to/collect monies on behalf of? e.g in addition to Local Authority schemes, schemes for Teachers, NHS Schemes etc.?

2) What percentage of total wages/salaries is paid by London Borough of Richmond towards these schemes?

3) Is the London Borough of Richmond required to make financial provision for deficits of all pension schemes, when 3 or 5 year revaluation takes place?

4) If the answer to question 3 is yes, what percentage of Richmond's annual income is required to make such provisions each year currently?

5) What percentage of Richmond's total annual income is required to provide for current employers contributions to all pension schemes?


Info provided - 15 April 2016

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