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30 March 2016

Applicant type: Company

With the introduction of the new CON29 prescribed by the Law Society we will need to also respond to additional questions and would like please to be directed to the correct department in terms of obtaining the data under EIR.

The additional questions are as follows:

Public rights of way

2.2. Is any public right of way which abuts on, or crosses the property, shown on a definitive map

or revised definitive map?

2.3. Are there any pending applications to record a public right of way that abuts, or crosses the

property, on a definitive map or revised definitive map?

2.4. Are there any legal orders to stop up, divert, alter or create a public right of way which abuts,

or crosses the property not yet implemented or shown on a definitive map?

2.5. If so, please attach a plan showing the approximate route

3.3. Drainage matters

(a) Is the property served by a sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS)?

(b) Are there SuDS features within the boundary of the property? If yes, is the owner responsible

for maintenance?

(c) If the property benefits from a SuDS for which there is a charge, who bills the property for the

surface water drainage charge?

3.10. Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

(a) Is there a CIL charging schedule?

(b) If, yes, do any of the following subsist in relation to the property, or has a local

authority decided to issue, serve, make or commence any of the following:-:

(i) a liability notice?

(ii) a notice of chargeable development?

(iii) a demand notice?

(iv) a default liability notice?

(v) an assumption of liability notice?

(vi) a commencement notice?

(c) Has any demand notice been suspended?

(d) Has the Local Authority received full or part payment of any CIL liability?

(e) Has the Local Authority received any appeal against any of the above?

(f) Has a decision been taken to apply for a liability order?

(g) Has a liability order been granted?

(h) Have any other enforcement measures been taken?

3.15. Assets of Community Value

(a) Has the property been nominated as an asset of community value? If so:-

(i) Is it listed as an asset of community value?

(ii) Was it excluded and placed on the 'nominated but not listed' list?

(iii) Has the listing expired?

(iv) Is the Local Authority reviewing or proposing to review the listing?

(v) Are there any subsisting appeals against the listing?

(b) If the property is listed:

(i) Has the Local Authority decided to apply to the Land Registry for an

entry or cancellation

of a restriction in respect of listed land affecting the property?

(ii) Has the Local Authority received a notice of disposal?

(iii) Has any community interest group requested to be treated as a bidder ?


Advice given - 25 April 2016

The local authority is still assessing the new CON29 forms in respect of these new question areas.

As regards access to data the appropriate departments to contact or web links will be signposted on the Local Land Charges website well in advance of the new CON29 effective date (4 July 2016).

This is our current position;

2.2-2.5 Public rights of way - Highways- the public rights of way map/route description is a public register.

3.3. Drainage matters (SuDs) : still unclear where this information will reside (ie with which department or whether most enquirers will need to be referred to Thames Water).

3.10. Community infrastructure levy (CIL) - Planning/CIL Officer

3.15. Assets of Community Value - Property Services

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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