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9 March 2016

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Can you please tell me the typical cost to the Council of erecting a highway street light lamp post and connecting it up to a power supply and which contractor the Council would use to source and erect the lamp post, please?

Does the same contractor install highway signs?


Advice given - 23 March 2016

The typical cost to provide a new street light is as follows:

  • To supply and erect a standard 5 metre street light in a residential road is approximately £600

  • To supply and erect a standard 10 metre street light on a principal Road is approximately £1,400

  • Our Contractor is KIER.

  • The above figures exclude connection charges which are detailed below*:

    New connection to a street light UK Power Networks South Eastern Area £927.00 (1 April 2016)

    New connection to a street light UK Power Networks London Area £1,185.00 (1 April 2016)

    *Note the LBRuT is split over two DNO area's (distribution network operator)

  • All street lighting materials including illuminated signs are procured through the street lighting term maintenance contractor currently KIER.

    The Council's own in-house contractor is responsible for installing highway signs.

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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