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Request 18802

9 March 2016

Applicant type: Journalist

1) Could you send me details of:

(a) all assistance that people can access through your council's local welfare assistance scheme (ie if people receive cash, or if they are provided directly with pre-paid cards, or white goods and furniture, etc)

(b) Eligibility criteria (or links to eligibility criteria and the means for application)

(c) limits to the number of times that people can apply to the scheme(s)

(d) If people must be formally referred to apply to local welfare assistance (for example, by GPs, Jobcentre plus, the probation service, etc)

(e) Whether or not everyone who meets eligibility criteria gets assistance/how the authority prioritises applicants if not.

(f) Links to information on how people can apply

2) Does your council plan to stop or scale back local welfare provision in the 2016-2017 year?

3) If your council does plan to cut or stop provision, can you let me know if there are any alternate local services that people can approach for help with sourcing items like furniture and white goods?


Advice given - 23 March 2016


(a) Tesco vouchers, Food bank referrals, furniture and white goods.


(c) They can apply again for another grant if they have not received a grant from the LAS within the last 6 months (if eligible). They cannot apply for the same item within the same 12 months.

(d) No. Self-referrals are accepted.

(e) Yes, if they meet all of the eligibility criteria.


2) No. Budgets are set.

3) N/A

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