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2 March 2016

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1) I would like the names of five streets (or as many as exist) in the borough that have restrictions and communicate this by using these small signs that are very close to the ground, as per the attached link which sent to me by one of your principle engineers in the Richmond environment directorate.

2) I would also like the names of five other streets (or as many as exist) in the borough where there are restrictions within residents parking bays on a Sunday but that communicate this using sensibly positioned signs that can be seen above cars when looking from the middle of the road (as per the attached photo in Wandsworth).


Advice given - 16 March 2016

We do not hold a list of streets where short and long posts are used to display signs and therefore we are not able to provide 'as many as exist' information, so have responded more generally on this point

1) Clarence Road, Teddington

Albert Road, Teddington

Ferry Road, Barnes

Parke Road, Barnes

Galata Road, Barnes

Restrictions using short posts are in other streets in Teddington, Mortlake, Barnes and Kew.

2) In our view, parking schemes in place in this Borough have signs positioned sensibly on either short posts, lamp columns or 3 metres posts.

The following streets have parking controls applying on Sundays with signs on 3 metre posts and/or lamp columns:

Hampton Court Road (between Campbell Road and Chestnut Avenue)

Park Lane, Richmond

Paradise Road, Richmond

Elleray Road, Teddington

Vicarage Road, Teddington

Plus a number of other roads in Richmond Town Centre.

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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