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Request 18754

1 March 2016

Applicant type: Journalist

I would like to know:

a) The number of children (under-18s) referred to the local authority due to concerns that they are vulnerable to extremism. I would like this information to be broken down by the following years: 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12

For each year I would like this information to be provided on an anonymised case basis, including the following information:

a. date (dd/mm/yyyy)

b. age of child referred (if you are only to provide information by age brackets, please do so)

c. religion of child referred

d. ethnicity of child referred

e. source of the report (ie. school professional, college professional, medical professional, member of the public)

f. reason for referral (if you are unable to release specific information, please indicate if the reason falls within any of the following categories: viewing radical material online; possessing radical material such as leaflets or books; demonstrating support for terrorist groups through other non-violent behaviour; demonstrating support for terrorist groups through violent behaviour)

g. whether or not the report was passed on to the police

h. whether or not the child was added to the child protection register

i. whether or not the child has been taken into care

b) How many Prevent coordinators work for the authority? If this number has increased over the past 4 years, please indicate when and how many additional coordinators were recruited.

c) What is the local authority's budget for prevent? Please provide figures for the years 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13 and 2011-12.

If it is not possible to release all of the information requested, please provide the information that is available.


Partly disclosed/partly refused - 23 March 2016

Please see the attached response.

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.


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