Fallow Deer Café and Bar application approved

Release Date: 07 September 2017

The planning application to extend the licence of the Fallow Deer Café and Bar in Teddington was approved by Richmond Council last night, subject to certain conditions.

In 2014, the café was given permission under Permitted Development to change a retail unit in Teddington to a restaurant. However, under the rules, at the end of the two years the proprietor of the business must revert the property to its previous lawful A1 (Retail) use.

In 2016, the applicant applied for an extension to continue the restaurant use. This was refused due to planning policies that aim to protect high streets from over-concentration of restaurants in this part of the High Street.

The applicant subsequently appealed the decision to the Planning Inspectorate, the Government agency who handles planning appeals. The Inspector dismissed the Fallow Deer Café appeal, agreeing with the reasons given by the Council for initial refusal.

At that time the proprietors of the cafe were informed that they needed to submit a new Planning Application to continue to use their premises as a restaurant.

Following their submission of the application, last night the Committee considered the proposal and decided to approve the application by granting a personal consent. This means the consent is given to the person named in the application. Should the restaurant pass to a new owner they will be required to submit a fresh planning application.

Under the approved application the café will be able to open until 5.30pm during the week as well as on Friday and Saturday evenings. It will also be asked to make efforts to minimise disruption to the surrounding neighbours.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community said:

“There has been a lot of publicity about the future of this popular Teddington café. We have always been clear – submit a Planning Application and go through the formal process. This has now happened.

“Although the primary determination for planning applications is how it fits within the local Planning Strategy, the law allows for letters of representation from the community to be taken into consideration when making a planning decision.

“In granting permission to the owner of the Café, the Committee has recognised the large amount of support the public has given Fallow Deer.”

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Reference: P414/17

Updated: 2 October 2017