Have your say on changes to local Ham school field

Release Date: 09 November 2017

Residents are invited to have their say on proposals to change the boundary of a  local school field to enable the future development of Ham Close. The proposals include the installation of a new multi-use games area for a Ham primary school.

Over the past few years, RHP and Richmond Council have been working up plans to redevelop the Ham Close Estate. Last year residents had their say on indicative designs. These include replacing the current 192 homes for the existing residents, as well as creating new properties including new affordable homes for both rent and shared ownership. 

As part of the design work, it is proposed to utilise a small section of a Council-owned playing field that adjoins the Ham Close site. This field is currently used by St. Richard’s Church of England Primary School. Including this sliver of land would enable the development to happen over a phased period, minimising the number of moves for existing residents, and where possible to move once.

St. Richard’s CE Primary School currently has c.15,500m² of school playing field. This is well above the minimum space required by the Department of Education (10,000m²). The boundary change would involve a reduction of this space by 4%, just 687m². 

To mitigate the loss of land the Council is proposing to provide a multi-use games area on the school site to provide benefit to the school and wider community all year round.

The Council is now consulting with the school, families and the local community on the boundary change proposals.

Residents will have another opportunity to have their say on the wider proposed development and its design in 2018.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“We have already engaged extensively with the community on what a new future for Ham Close could look like. We have worked with the residents of the Close, local community groups, businesses and organisations to really understand their vision for the future.

“We want to create new, safe, efficient homes for all those who live in Ham Close. We also want to create more affordable housing units for others in the borough that need a home.

“This boundary change is needed to enable phase one of the redevelopment to take place. If we use this small stretch of land, it will enable Ham Close residents to stay on the Close until their new homes are ready, rather than moving off the Close and returning at a later point.

“The land we need only equates to 4% of the overall outdoor space at the school. And, we would also be able to install a new fantastic multi-use games area that pupils and the wider community could use.”

RHP’s Development Project Director, Adam Tucker says:

“When redevelopment starts, our aim is to minimise any disruption to our customers’ lives as much as we can. This small boundary change will mean we can build new homes on vacant land which enables us to offer a ‘one move’ transition between a resident’s current and new home. We’re committed to listening to the views of our customers and the local community at every stage of this project and welcome any feedback on this latest proposal.”

The consultation closes on Thursday 21 December 2017.

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