Feedback from Twickenham Riverside consultation published

Release Date: 24 November 2017

Feedback from residents who took part in the autumn consultation on the future of Twickenham Riverside has now been published.

In October, residents were asked for their views on the latest proposals regarding the future of the King Street/Water Lane/Embankment site.

The designs retained and developed in more detail those areas that received support in previous consultations. This includes a colonnade at King Street, convex steps leading from the Embankment to the site and new, informally landscaped level access from the Embankment up to Diamond Jubilee Gardens, and seasonal units - on the Embankment frontage.

The feedback from the Autumn survey and drop-in sessions has now been evaluated and the Council has published a consultation report presenting this feedback, including a summary of all the consultation activity carried out over the past two years regarding the site and the key messages heard.

There were positive views on the latest proposals. This included the positive integration with Diamond Jubilee Gardens. Feedback was also positive about the inclusion of a riverside square. However, opinions varied about the building appearances and proposed site plan.

Where feasible, the architects have now made amendments to the designs to reflect the views. This includes, slightly reducing the building heights across the development, introducing stone detailing around windows on the King Street building, toning down the red brickwork on the Embankment and introducing an additional two seasonal ‘boat house’ units on the riverside. 

However, it was clear that parking on the Embankment was an important issue. Parking in the wider area around Twickenham Riverside is outside the boundary of the application. As a separate project, the Council commissioned a number of studies to understand the current demand for parking, but also the demand in the future. The studies also considered general traffic in the wider Twickenham area. It has found that the Embankment is important in managing traffic flow around the Town Centre. However, the Council is currently reviewing these findings and over the next few months will come forward with proposals on how parking may be reduced on the Embankment. 

With regards to the Twickenham Riverside/King Street development, it is hoped that a Planning Application will be submitted in the next week.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community, said:

“Over the past few years we have carried out extensive consultation on the future of Twickenham Riverside. Using feedback from residents and working with community groups, the proposals have evolved significantly since the initial concepts were released. We have come a long way, listening throughout.

“I would like to thank the community for working with us and all their valuable input.

“I know that there is a recent organised campaign to remove parking from the Embankment. We can’t consider this as an isolated project. The Embankment is first and foremost a road. It is one that is vital to the traffic flow in the town centre and access to Eel Pie Island for residents and businesses. We need to look at parking and traffic across the whole of Twickenham. And, if feasible, we will consider removing some parking from the Embankment in the future.”

See the results of the recent consultation.

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