West Twickenham Community Parking Zone - Have your say

Release Date: 12 May 2017

Residents in West Twickenham can have their say on a Council consultation which proposes to introduce a new community parking zone (CPZ).

In July to September 2016, Richmond Council invited feedback from the community about parking in the Twickenham Green area.


The Council considered all responses and has decided to move to the next phase of consultation. Roads that are being considered as part of this process include, Gould Road, Gravel Road, May Road, Crane Road, Norcutt Road, Warwick Road, Hamilton Road, Talbot Road and Marsh Farm Road. Roads surrounding this area are also being asked if they would want to join the new parking zone if it is implemented.


The concerns from residents regarding current parking availability includes: daytime commuter traffic and non-residential parking that can result in a lack of available parking spaces for the community. In addition, residents are concerned about the impact that nearby developments might have on the local area.


The purpose of the consultation is to confirm whether there is over 50% support for the CPZ from households in the proposed area. The closing date for the consultation is Friday 23 June 2017.


Nick O’Donnell, Richmond Council’s Assistant Director for Traffic and Engineering, said:

“Generally the Council expects positive support from over 50% of households before implementing a new CPZ or extending an existing CPZ. Your views are therefore vital to shaping the Council's final decision and it is important that as many people as possible have their say.

“There are different underlying causes for the parking problems across the area and we will be carefully evaluating the results of this consultation. If there is sufficient positive support the Council will proceed to advertise (traffic management orders) formally proposing to implement the CPZ”

Residents in the below roads can complete the West Twickenham consultation form

  • Crane Road
  • Gould Road
  • Gravel Road
  • Hamilton Road
  • Marsh Farm Road
  • May Road
  • Norcutt Road
  • Talbot Road
  • Warwick Road


Residents in the below roads can complete the form West Twickenham (Outside Propozed Zone) consultation form:

  • Albion Road
  • Andover Road
  • Barneby Close
  • Briar Road
  • Camac Road
  • Colne Road
  • Crane Road
  • Edwin Road
  • First Cross Road
  • Hunting Gate Mews
  • Knights Place
  • Knowle Road
  • Meadway
  • Mereway Road
  • Norcutt Road
  • Rowntree Road
  • Second Cross Road
  • Staines Road
  • The Green

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Updated: 31 May 2017