Over 160 tonnes of grit spread this week

Release Date: 02 March 2018

Residents can be confident that, despite the adverse weather, the Council is working round the clock to keep travel as smooth as possible – with over 160 tonnes spread across the borough this week already.

Gritters have been out in force with over 400 footways gritted following the snow on Wednesday. Precautionary gritting has taken place on approximately 600 roads using around 13 tonnes of salt each time. That is a total of 163 tonnes this week already. In addition 50 school entrances have been gritted.

Since the gritting season started in November the Council has carried out precautionary gritting 44 times using a total of 535 tonnes of salt. 

Cllr Peter Buckwell, Cabinet Member for Highways and Street Scene said:

“With the adverse weather predicted to continue for the rest of this week the Council’s gritting service will be out in force ensuring our roads and pathways are safe for people to use.

“Priority routes are continuing to be gritted at least once on a daily basis. We are closely monitoring site conditions and are investigating concerns being reported via the call centre.  

“Footpath routes to schools, stations, hospitals and town centres are also being attended to by the borough’s street cleansing contractor. Gritting crews are out day and night working in shifts to ensure main through fares in the borough remain accessible. 

“With the latest weather forecast, we envisage round the clock gritting operations will continue over next few days and we have adequate salt stock to provide this. We ask that residents exercise caution when using the roads and pathways, watch out for each other and report any concerns about slippery and icy roads and pathways.” 

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Reference: P125/18

Updated: 29 March 2018