New Cabinet Member commits to keep “tight control of public purse”

Release Date: 07 June 2018

The new Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance for Richmond Council is giving a public commitment that he will use his past financial experience to keep tight control of public money over the next four years.

Cllr Robin Brown may be the new councillor for Hampton Wick ward, however, as a qualified accountant he has experience of running the finances at a number of international businesses, including United Biscuits, where he was the Chief Financial Officer.

Following his appointment, Cllr Brown said:

“We have set out some very ambitious plans for the borough over the next four years. For example, we have committed to finding a way to support our ageing population as it continues to grow, make our borough accessible for everyone, ensure we have new homes for local people, improve our local schools and protect our beautiful green borough.

“All of these things have a price tag. Government funding for local councils continues to dwindle, and our challenge will be to balance our ambition within the resources we have available. This will mean making some difficult decisions.

“Therefore, having a tight control of the public purse is vitally important. We must ensure that all our decisions are financially sound and offer value for money.

“I have the technical expertise to do this, not just as a former Chief Financial Officer in a multi-million pound company, but I also have first-hand experience of supporting bodies operating in the charity sector.

“Over the next four years, as we endeavour to deliver change across the borough, I will ensure that the Council makes wise decisions when spending residents' and businesses' contributions via their council tax or business rates.

“We will be open and honest about costs of services, engaging with residents when decisions need to be made. I believe that through wise financial decisions, we will make this borough fairer, safer and greener.”

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Updated: 28 June 2018