Free smoke alarm giveaway for private tenants

Release Date: 26 June 2017

Privately renting tenants in Richmond upon Thames and their landlords are reminded that they can collect free smoke alarms from Council libraries.

Earlier this year, Richmond Council partnered up with the London Fire Brigade to distribute around 1,000 free smoke alarms to people living in privately rented properties across the borough, thanks to funding from the GLA.

The alarms are available for collection from libraries in Whitton, Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond and East Sheen.

All tenants need to do is visit the library and provide the address of the property they need alarms for. They can receive one alarm for a single level flat or bungalow – or two if it is a house or there is an upstairs level.

Cllr Stephen Speak, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said:

“With recent tragic events in mind, we are all aware of the devastating impact of a fire at home.

“Smoke alarms save lives. They give warning at the first sign of fire, waking you and your family up and giving valuable extra time to escape safely and call the fire service.

"Together with the Fire Brigade we want to help Richmond’s private landlords meet their fire safety responsibilities and would urge them to collect free smoke alarms if they haven’t got them installed already.”

Andy Cane, Richmond Fire Borough Commander, said:

“Working smoke alarms provide a vital early warning and have proven repeatedly to save lives and greatly reduce the risk of being injured in a fire. Homes need multiple smoke alarms or you won’t be properly covered.

“Ideal spots for smoke alarms include rooms where you leave electrical equipment running like satellite boxes, computers or phone chargers. Also, any rooms where you smoke.

“As a minimum you should have smoke alarms on every floor - in the hallways and the rooms you use the most, plus a heat alarm in the kitchen. They should be tested regularly.

“In addition to the free smoke alarms for private tenants, all residents including owner occupiers can request a free Home Fire Safety Visit direct from the London Fire Brigade. We are especially keen to hear from older people, those living alone or who have a disability.”

To apply for a free Home Fire Safety Visit, visit the London Fire Brigade website or phone 0800 028 4428.


Notes for editors

Free smoke alarms are available (whilst stocks last) for privately renting tenants in Richmond upon Thames.

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Updated: 30 June 2017