Check your polling station before 8 June

Release Date: 02 June 2017

Voters in Richmond upon Thames are reminded to go online and check their polling station for the upcoming General Election on 8 June.

The interactive Polling Station Finder, available as part of the My Richmond pages on our website, enables people to use their address to search for their specific polling station. A map will show the address of their allocated station and show its proximity to their home.


On Thursday 8 June, residents can only vote at the polling station which has been assigned to them unless they have elected to vote by post. Postal vote packs have now been issued to electors who have chosen to vote by post The location of the polling station is also available on the polling card registered voters should have received through the post.


Voting in person is straightforward and staff will be on hand to help.


  • Your polling station will be open between 7am and 10pm on election day.
  • Tell the polling station staff your name and address.
  • You will be given one ballot paper listing the parties and candidates you can vote for.
  • Take your ballot paper into a polling booth and read the instructions carefully before marking your vote.
  • Place your paper folded into the ballot box.


Mark Maidment, Acting Returning Officer for Richmond, said:


“In just under one week the country will go to the polls- but residents will only be able to vote if they have registered and at the specific polling station to which they have been allocated unless they have elected to vote by post.


“Most people should have now received their polling cards, which includes all the information you need. However, if you are unsure – go online now and make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to vote in this election.”


On the night of the election, follow @LBRUT on Twitter for live updates from the counts of Richmond Park and Twickenham constituencies.


Go to My Richmond to find your polling station or visit our General Election 2017 page for more information.

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