Watch your alcohol intake this summer with our online drinks checker

Release Date: 11 July 2017

As the warm summer weather continues, Richmond residents are being urged to keep an eye on their drinking – and use our online drinks checker.

The Richmond DrinkChecker website aims to raise awareness of alcohol, health and safer drinking. Residents can use the site to help set goals to drink less, see how much they can save in cash and calories by reducing their drinking and find information about local support services.

Richmond's Public Health Team estimate that over 38,000 people in Richmond are drinking levels of alcohol that puts them at an increased risk of alcohol related health problems or harm.

This tool aims to help residents be more aware about the potential damage that drinking to excess can cause.

Richmond Councils Cabinet Member for Health, Cllr David Marlow, said:

“This initiative is not about spoiling summer fun. But, we know that with the warmer weather, people do tend to drink a little more than usual at festivals, barbecues, pub gardens and festivals. This is a reminder that it’s not necessary to over indulge to have a good time. This test will help our residents keep an eye on how much they are drinking, and learn what to do if they are drinking too much.

“It is hugely important that people know the dangers. Drinkchecker is a great tool and will help our residents stay healthy and informed during the warmer season and beyond.”

See the Richmond DrinkChecker.

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Updated: 31 July 2017