Council urges private landlords to ensure that they are aware of fire safety rules

Release Date: 05 July 2017

Richmond Council is urging private landlords and agents in the borough to make sure they are aware of their legal fire safety responsibilities.

In light of the tragic events in Kensington, the Council met with RHP, the largest social housing provider in the borough, and gained reassurances that fire assessments are up to date and their housing stock would perform as it should in the event of a fire.

Following this, the local Fire Service also visited RHP’s two taller properties, identifying only minor works, which RHP has now undertaken.

Reassurances have also been sought from other housing associations with stock in the borough that they have up to date fire risk assessments and fit for purpose fire safety arrangements in place.

Now, the Council is looking at the private rental market – reminding all private landlords and agents to remind them of their responsibilities. This includes areas such as fire, gas and electrical safety, maintenance and repairs.

Any landlord who has questions can contact Environmental Services (Private Housing) on 0208 487 5123 (

Cllr David Marlow, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“What happened in Grenfell was tragic. And, we all have a responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

“Richmond Council doesn’t directly own any housing stock – it was sold to RHP in 2000. However, we have worked closely with them over the past two weeks as they double check all their procedures and properties, making sure they are safe.

“The private sector is not immune from the issue of fire safety. And, all landlords have a statutory duty to make sure that their tenants are safe in their homes. I would ask anyone who is renting out a property to make sure that they are aware of their responsibilities.  It isn’t just as simple as making sure houses or flats have a smoke alarm.

“If you are renting out a property, or properties, and are unsure of the rules, check now. Don’t wait until something tragic happens!”

For more information, visit our advice for landlords page.

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Updated: 31 July 2017