New look Cabinet announced

Release Date: 05 July 2017

The new Leader of Richmond Council, Cllr Paul Hodgins, has announced his new Cabinet today, which includes new roles for Digital & Technology, and Planning & Strategic Development.

Whilst the Cabinet remains the same in size, some positions have been reconfigured, including the move to two Deputy Leaders representing each side of the borough.

Cllr David Marlow, who represents South Twickenham Ward, will become Deputy Leader while retaining his position as Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health. In this role he leads on supporting our most vulnerable adults, and working together with our partners across health at a challenging time with significant change, but always to ensure high quality care for residents.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, who represents the South Richmond Ward, will become Deputy Leader while also continuing in her role as Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community. She will continue to lead on major environmental areas including initiatives to improve air quality, working with a new Cabinet post on major development projects, supporting and fostering our very valuable local businesses. She will also lead on community involvement, including building on the huge amount of development so far on village planning.

Cllr Stephen Speak, who represents North Richmond, will take on the expanded role of Strategic Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance. This role will be responsible for maintaining the outstanding financial management that he inherits from his predecessor, as well as monitoring, challenging, and driving further improvement in Council performance. He will retain oversight of many of the Council’s corporate functions and will work with the new Cabinet member for Digital and Technology.

The new Strategic Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Schools is Cllr Susan Chappell, who represents Twickenham Riverside. Cllr Chappell will support the borough’s schools, the best in the country, building on the over £100m investment made since 2010, including our popular new sixth forms and the rebuild and expansion of our SEN schools. She will lead on supporting our most vulnerable young people, protecting them from exploitation, and providing opportunities for our valued young people in care. She will work closely with Achieving for Children.

Cllr Peter Buckwell, representing South Richmond, will continue in his role as Cabinet Member for Highways and Street Scene. Among his responsibilities will be delivering cycling infrastructure, developing the corridor and areas studies, liaison with London Councils, TfL, National Rail and First Group. Other priorities will include continued repair of potholes and pavements, and putting Richmond at the forefront of electric vehicle enablement.

Cllr David Linnette, of Kew Ward, will take over an expanded role as Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport, and the Voluntary Sector. He will continue to promote and foster the strong arts and sports scene in Richmond, lead on our libraries, and will inherit the critical role of working with our valuable voluntary groups who do so much for our community.

Cllr Mark Boyle, of Fulwell and Hampton Hill, will join the cabinet in the expanded role of Cabinet Member for Housing, Public Health, and Community Safety. He will focus on crucial community issues working with partners across health, registered housing providers including Richmond Housing Partnership, and the Police, and will also engage with the Council’s very successful Tenants’ Champion to help those struggling with issues when dealing with landlords.

Then two new roles are being introduced.

Cllr Martin Seymour, representing Hampton North Ward, will take on the new role of Cabinet Member for Planning and Strategic Development. He will cover Planning within the borough, and work with the Strategic Cabinet Member for Environment on the many important residential, commercial, and regeneration projects around the borough.

Finally, Cllr Gareth Elliott, of Whitton Ward, will take on the new role of Cabinet Member for Digital and Technology. Cllr Elliott will work to further develop the Council’s own digital projects, as well as develop further opportunities for technology to enhance the lives of residents around the borough.

Cllr Paul Hodgins, Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“I’m excited about our new team. It is a continuation in some areas, building on the experience and successes of our administration to date, but also introduces a dose of fresh leadership in some new and expanded roles.

“Each member of the Cabinet brings new energy and a range of experience to their positions. They are well connected to the needs of residents across the borough, and their experience and knowledge will be crucial to help drive forward our key priorities.

“Together we are committed to working for and with the people of Richmond upon Thames. We will continue to support our superb schools, our most vulnerable residents, create opportunities for strengthening our communities even further, enable growth and prosperity, preserve and enhance where we can the precious environment we have all inherited in Richmond, which together will help continue to make Richmond the best place to live, anywhere.

“I would like to thank and pay tribute to all those colleagues in the previous Cabinet, led by Lord True. Their commitment to our borough was absolute. They dedicated their time to positions of responsibility, having to make difficult decisions at times, always with the aim of serving our residents. This new Cabinet will strive to live up to the standard they have set.”

Notes for editors

Summary of Cabinet portfolios:

  • Leader of the Council: Cllr Paul Hodgins
  • Deputy Leader - Adult Services and Health: Cllr David Marlow
  • Deputy Leader - Environment, Business & Community: Cllr Pamela Fleming
  • Strategic Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance: Cllr Stephen Speak
  • Strategic Cabinet Member for Children’s Services & Schools: Cllr Susan Chappell
  • Cabinet Member for Digital and Technology: Cllr Gareth Elliott
  • Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the Voluntary Sector: Cllr David Linnette
  • Cabinet Member for Highways and Street Scene; Cllr Peter Buckwell
  • Cabinet Member for Housing, Public Health, and Community Safety: Cllr Mark Boyle
  • Cabinet Member for Planning and Strategic Development: Cllr Martin Seymour

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Updated: 31 July 2017