New Council Leader now in post

Release Date: 05 July 2017

Cllr Paul Hodgins is now the Leader of Richmond Council, following confirmation of his appointment at last night’s full Council meeting (4 July).

At the meeting, Lord True recommended Cllr Hodgins for the post, following his earlier announcement that he will be stepping down from the Leadership position.

Cllr Paul Hodgins has been a councillor since 2006. He represents Barnes Ward. He first became a Cabinet Member for Schools in 2010, and his role was further expanded in 2014 as a Strategic Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Schools.

At the meeting last night, Lord True said:

“Being Leader of Richmond Council was the greatest honour I will ever have. It gives me enormous pleasure to propose Cllr Paul Hodgins as my successor.

“Being the Leader is a great responsibility. Whilst Cllr Hodgins has been the Cabinet Member for Schools and Young People he has demonstrated he has the skills to excel in the role. He has achieved so much over the last few years, including the establishment of thousands of new primary school places, the creation of the borough’s first Catholic secondary school and establishing sixth forms.

“He has great attention to detail and shows humanity in all he does. His day to day dedication in his education brief gives me no doubt that he is fit to lead the Council.”

Cllr Paul Hodgins added:

“It is a tremendous honour and a privilege to be the next Leader of Richmond Council. Like Nick, I am a firm believer that we are here to serve residents and what they want. 

“As Leader, I will now build on Nick’s many successes.  He does leave behind a legacy for the borough, a high standard for future leaders of this Council. He was a principled Leader, not making promises he couldn’t keep, he was respectful of residents and Council officers. Always able to make people feel appreciated. He is a man who has real vision for this borough. 

“He always put education at the top of the agenda. He was a supporter of local business, introducing 30 minutes free parking and the Richmond Card. He was respectful of the physical inheritance of the borough and understood the importance of protecting it through programmes such as the creation of the award winning Diamond Jubilee Gardens.

“All the time he was determined to keep the financial burden on residents to a minimum – keeping Council Tax as low as it could be.

“It is this legacy I hope to build on”.

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Updated: 31 July 2017