Workout in Kings Field Hampton Wick

Release Date: 13/01/2017

The perfect core body workout is available for free in Kings Field Hampton Wick thanks to the installation of a new fitness frame.

If it's a traditional body weight training session you're looking for then the multi-purpose fitness frame, which caters for both Parkour and Calisthenics based exercise, is perfect for you. Installed by Richmond Council, the multi-purpose workout frame has been designed with 13 different exercises in mind that can be performed without the need for additional equipment.

It’s the perfect way to get your core fitness up to scratch which can lead to other types of exercise such as weight training. The equipment was provided by Council partners who help run outdoor gyms across the borough.

Richmond Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Pamela Fleming, said:

"The multi-purpose fitness frame allows users to move their bodies in all sorts of directions so it's a perfect way to limber up, tone up and put yourself through a traditional body weight training session. Our residents are among the fittest and healthiest in the country so I'm sure the instalment of our latest outdoor exercise equipment will be a big hit."

"Outdoor fitness training is tremendously popular across the borough and we have made a significant amount of investment over the years to ensure we are among the very best boroughs in London for health and fitness opportunities, with three further outdoor gyms installed in 2016 and two more to follow in the coming months."

For more information on the range of outdoor health and fitness opportunities across the borough see our Fitness equipment in parks page.

Updated: 16 January 2017