Thefts of mopeds and motorbikes a concern

Release Date: 26 February 2018

Owners of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are being asked to stay alert as the number of thefts of these vehicles in the borough continues to be a worry.

In the year to December 2017 there were 385 two-wheeled vehicles stolen in Richmond upon Thames including 162 scooters and 223 motorcycles. Whilst crime rates in this borough continue to remain low in relation to the rest of London, the numbers are still too high.

There are a number of security measures owners can take to protect their vehicles from theft including:

  • Always using a good quality chain and lock (Minimum of 16mm) or disc lock (D-lock) and using two locals. Lock your bike even when it’s parked at home or is in a shed or garage.
  • Trying to vary where you park your bike and where possible park it in a secure location or cover your bike with a suitable secured cover.
  • Installing a ground anchor of secure your bike to a solid object
  • If you have a standard immobiliser on your bike, see if you can have the lock installed in another position
  • Fitting a tracker than can be monitored with a smartphone.

Cllr Mark Boyle, Cabinet Member for Community Safety said:

“Moped and motorcycle theft is a London-wide problem and whilst Richmond upon Thames has one of the lowest crime rates in the region it has not been immune to an increase in these kinds of incidents. 

“Theft of these types of vehicles is connected with theft from cars, as mopeds and motorbikes provide quick access for thieves. That’s why we’re asking owners of these vehicles to be particularly vigilant, undertake the recommended security measures, and report any missing vehicles as soon as possible.”

Superintendent Rob Applegarth said:

“Richmond Police have a dedicated team working together with various agencies in a united effort to tackle and reduce the number of theft of mopeds and motorcycles on the borough. To reduce the likelihood of you being victim of this type of crime, we strongly advise owners to secure their vehicles to a fixed post, where possible. Lock it. Secure it.”

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Updated: 2 March 2018