Kew Neighbourhood Association connecting the future thanks to Village Planning Fund

Release Date: 09 February 2018

Kew Neighbourhood Association’s (KNA) digital presence is to be boosted through an award of £9,660 in the first round of the Council’s Village Planning Fund.

The project will see the KNA commission a new interactive website, professional training package and re-brand so they can better engage new volunteers, advertise new services and attract new clients. The funding will also help with the development of a tailored training package to specifically meet the needs of KNA's volunteers and clients.

Cllr Gareth Elliott, Cabinet Member for Digital said:

“Neighbourhood Associations do fantastic work within the community in co-ordinating and recruiting volunteers and promoting community spirit. I hope this funding will help boost KNA’s digital presence so they can provide a modern, interactive service for everyone living in Kew.” 

Cllr David Linnette, Cabinet member for the Voluntary Sector said:

“We are lucky to live in a borough which has a very high rate of volunteering. Much of the co-ordination for this is done at local levels within our villages. Helping this project will enable more people within Kew to get in touch with the Neighbourhood Association, and develop the skills to make them more effective in the great volunteer work they do.”

Abi Palmer, Co-ordinator at Kew Neighbourhood Association said:

“Have you heard the story about the Bletchley code breaker living in Kew? Or theRoyal Academy artists?  Or how a KNA volunteer was the only person someone saw or spoke to between Christmas and New Year? KNA puts volunteers in touch with these fascinating local residents to help take them to medical appointments and provide companionship. We need digital help to get more volunteers.

“With this funding we will work with Sound Delivery and My Life Films to help us tell the stories that need to be told - through film, photos and written stories. We'll show these films and tell these stories to inspire the next generation of volunteers. And they'll go on the new website this fund is paying for. 

“We want Kew residents to be inspired to volunteer for just half an hour a month. They are sure to hear some interesting stories in return.”

The Village Planning Fund is a portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy, a tax collected by Richmond upon Thames Council and paid by developers to meet the impact of developments on physical and social infrastructure in local areas.

The project is one of sixteen to be funded through this of the Village Planning Fund.

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Updated: 2 March 2018