Thumbs up for improvement work at two local schools

Release Date: 10/02/2017

Two schools under the leadership of a local Trust have been praised by the Department for Education for their work to make improvements.

Last September, Waldegrave and Teddington Schools established a local Multi-Academy Trust with two local secondary schools that required improvement (Twickenham Academy and Hampton High). This arrangement resulted in the previous school sponsor - The Learning School Trust (LST) - withdrawing their sponsorship of the schools and new governance being created.

This Trust means that the schools work together to share best practice, economies of scale, joint systems and approaches.

According to separate reports from the Regional School’s Commissioners Office, Twickenham Academy and Hampton High have both made huge strides since joining the Richmond West School Trust (RWST).

The report praised the very passionate leadership of new Headteacher, Assal Ruse, and her enthusiastic and committed team at Twickenham Academy. In addition, it commented:

“The school is being led by a very passionate leader who understands and knows what outstanding looks like, and is committed to getting the best outcome for pupils.

“The pace of change has had an evident impact, students can articulate the academy is a better place to be. There is a sense of calm and purpose for in the Academy for the first time in years.”

At Hampton, the report acknowledged the “relentless focus” on teaching and learning with a strong emphasis on improving GCSE results. It states:

“Students are pleased that teachers give them support, guidance and encouragement. When asked when they last felt they had been challenged, several responded “an hour ago,”

“There was a real sense of students owning their learning in preparation for GCSEs.”

Richmond Council's Member for Schools, Cllr Paul Hodgins said:

"This is hugely encouraging. We know that Department for Education does not give out faint praise these days. So when they recognise change, it is meaningful.

“In a short time, and for the first time in years, we're seeing real, practical steps that will lead to significantly improved outcomes at Hampton High and Twickenham School. There is much more to do, to be sure, but this is fantastic news for those school communities."

In a joint statement, Executive Headteachers at the Trust, John Wilkinson, (Teddington School) and Philippa Nunn, (Waldegrave School), added:

“RWST was set up with the aim of local schools working together to improve the education that all local students receive.

“It is excellent that progress towards this has been recognised by the advisor and is testament to the very hard work by the leaders, teachers and students in both schools.”

Headteachers Ms Ruse and Ms Hughes both thanked parents, staff and pupils for their support and commitment.

Updated: 21 June 2017