Borough schools at the top of national results tables…again

Release Date: 18 December 2017

Pupils attending primary schools in Richmond upon Thames are at the top of the national league tables yet again following publication of the 2017 Key Stage 2 (SATs) results last Thursday. 

The results show that the borough has scored the highest in London in nearly all areas with 86% of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, 84% in writing, 87% in mathematics, whilst 76% did so in reading, writing and mathematics combined, all considering above the national averages.

These excellent results place Richmond second out of all local authorities nationally, following only behind the City of London, for the proportion achieving the expected standard in all three subjects and maintain the high levels of attainment seen in recent years.

The borough also had a large proportion of pupils achieving the higher standard, with 44% of pupils in reading, 25% in writing, 41% in mathematics and 17% in all three subjects combined doing so. This, again, places Richmond second of all local authorities nationally.

Progress from the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) is also measured in the performance tables and provided as a value added score. The national average for the measure is 0.0, meaning any positive score indicates stronger progress from different starting points than the national average, whilst a negative score indicates weaker progress.

The progress scores across Richmond schools this year were +2.3 in reading, +0.2 in writing and +1.8 in mathematics, representing large improvements in the latter two subjects since the previous year and indicate that pupils, on average, make more progress from their different starting points than they do nationally.

These results maintain the borough pupils’ long held position at the top of the national league tables.

Cllr Susan Chappell, Cabinet Member for Schools on Richmond Council, said:

“These results show that yet again our schools are performing better than anywhere else in the country. It demonstrates that despite difficult financial circumstances, our schools are showing both first class standards and a commitment to continue to do the best for every pupil.

“My congratulations go to the pupils, teaching staff and governors for their achievements with improvements having been made in every area. It is this commitment to our children and our schools’ partnerships with parents which makes the crucial difference to their success and marks our borough out from others giving all our children the best possible start in life.”

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Full results

View Richmond's results on GOV.UK.

Subject LA 2016 LA 2017 Nat 2017
Percentage of pupils achieving expected standard
GPS* 85 90 77
Reading 81 86 72
Writing 77 84 76
Maths 82 87 75
RWM** 67 76 61


Subject LA 2016 LA 2017 Nat 2017
Percentage of pupils achieving high standard
GPS* 40 51 31
Reading 36 44 25
Writing 19 25 18
Maths 31 41 23
RWM** 12 17 9


*GPS - grammar, punctuation and spelling
**RWM - reading, writing and maths combined

Reference: P584/17

Updated: 29 December 2017