Council Village e-newsletter launched

Release Date: 17 August 2017

Residents in the borough are now able to find out the latest news and events thanks to a new weekly e-newsletter being launched today.

The new electronic updates will let people know the latest Council news, including information on new developments, opportunities to get involved, Council decisions and local improvements schemes.

In addition to an events calendar, the newsletter will include links to current Council consultations, inviting residents to have their say about proposals across the borough. There will also include regular updates on the Richmond Card.

There is also a dedicated section on ‘News from the Community’. If you are Richmond resident or a local charity, community or voluntary group or one of the Council partner organisations, find out how you can submit a news story for inclusion. 

Over 50,000 residents have automatically been signed up to the newsletter as they have previously signed up to receive information from the Council. You can also sign up to receive the weekly updates

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Business and Community, said:

“We know from all our surveys, including the All in One and annual Resident’s Survey that residents want to know more about what is going on in their local area, in particular what local groups and people are doing and how they can get involved.

“We are therefore responding by launching weekly newsletters that will have local information about the Council – explaining how we are spending your Council Tax.

“One of the key purposes of the newsletters will be to provide local people with a platform to tell others about their work. Whether that be organising a community event, a volunteering activity or indeed anything that is happening locally and you want others to know about it.”

Sign up now to receive the newsletter via email.

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Updated: 31 August 2017