Emergency declaration

We have agreed two motions to declare a climate change emergency in the borough.

Our commitment

We have committed to becoming a council that takes robust action to tackle the local and global threat of climate change, both internally and in partnership with local organisations and residents, and to minimise its environmental impact by cutting carbon, waste and pollution.

On 9 July 2019, we agreed two motions to declare a climate emergency.

Motion one

"Council joins the rapidly growing number of councils that have declared a 'Climate Change Emergency'. It rejects the idea that this declaration is a symbolic gesture and will give substance to its commitment.

Council therefore resolves to become recognised as the Greenest London Borough. It will undertake the factual analysis, target setting, and produce the strategy and action plans necessary by January 2020, in order to realise this goal and become carbon neutral by 2030."

Motion two

  • Endorses Parliament’s declaration of a national climate change emergency
  • Reaffirms the Council’s response to the government’s Aviation Strategy consultation and condemns said strategy’s entirely inadequate approach to mitigating climate change
  • Looks forward to the publication of a draft Borough Climate Change & Sustainability Strategy, its discussion at the July meeting of the ESCS Committee, the subsequent borough-wide consultation and the adoption of the finalised strategy soon after

Updated: 12 February 2020