Equalities Scheme and Corporate Equality Action Plan 2007-10

This was the Council’s first overarching Equalities Scheme, which set out the vision, framework and strategy, which the Council has to eliminate unlawful discrimination and to promote equal opportunities for all people.

About the Equalities Scheme

The Equalities Scheme was fundamentally about the implementation of the Council’s Equality and Diversity policy at corporate and directorate levels. This included the three General duties to promote race, disability and gender equality.

The General duties to promote equality are about a pro-active approach to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equalities. The Equalities Scheme framework and related action plans were designed to help implement such an approach.

The Council will seek to integrate the framework for action on equality in key mainstream areas of its work, so that it becomes part and parcel of what it is to plan and deliver excellent services for the communities who live, work and visit our borough.

Download the Equalities Scheme

Updated: 27 March 2014