Community Plan


Our Priorities

  • We will promote transparency of information and decision making across the partnership, publishing performance information regularly.
  • We will communicate clearly with residents, using different types of media and giving feedback on suggestions and concerns.
  • We will promote an understanding of the service standards that residents can expect.

Being accountable to local people

The global financial crisis has meant that public sector funding by Government has reduced substantially and all local public sector partners have had to find savings in order to deliver balanced budgets. Richmond Borough remains the lowest funded London Borough per head of population.

We have had to re-evaluate the way that we currently secure and deliver services in order to continue to meet the needs of the community with less resources. The Council, police and local NHS have all embarked on ambitious change programmes, focussed on securing the most effective, efficient quality services for the locality and delivering them in the most effective way. Rather than making across the board reductions, we will focus even more strongly on priorities, ceasing some services altogether in order to modernise, sustain or improve high priority or statutory services.

In order to enable the public to hold us to account, we are committed to providing clear and accessible information and establishing channels of communication with residents so that they can see how we have taken their views into account and how we have performed. Providing value for money is integral to our ambitions for the borough. The current economic climate means that the Partnership’s resources are more limited with central funding reduced, the impact of the recession on income and rising demand for services, particularly from the vulnerable. The public services have embarked on ambitious efficiency and transformation programmes which will see changes in the way we deliver our services over the next year and result in a more streamlined public sector.

At the same time, we will continue to invest in key areas. The ‘All in One’ consultation exercise and the Residents Survey 2012 has provided us with insight into priorities in every locality, confirming that our current priorities are largely the right ones and we will ensure that services are accessible to all the community, particularly those most in need. We recognise that good partnership working with all local agencies and in particular the voluntary sector is vital in helping us achieve our objectives.

We will closely monitor performance against the commitments in this Community Plan, implementing systematic improvement planning where we are failing to achieve and identify and promote innovation and good practice.  By making more information available, there will be increased public understanding of the context in which we are operating and more willingness to become involved in designing services together.

Updated: 1 May 2013