Older People's Mental Health Strategy Group (OPMHSG)

The aim of the OPMHSG is to improve mental health and dementia services for older people and their carers (families and friends) who are residents of the London Borough of Richmond.

It provides a partnership and basis for joint working between mental health service providers, community providers, statutory and voluntary sectors.

Strategic vision and aims

The Joint Mental Health Strategy Implementation plan 2014-16(pdf, 710KB) set out the strategic direction for older people's mental health service.

Terms of reference

  1. Share information and promote good practice between stakeholders of older people’s health, social care and community services.
  2. Contribute to the development delivery of the Joint Mental Health and Dementia Strategies, taking into account national legislation, national strategies and the local needs of the population in Richmond.
  3. Identify service gaps for commissioners to consider commissioning/developing services accordingly within available resources and procurement legislation.
  4. Monitor, review and co-ordinate the work of any working groups set up, ensuring timescales are met.
  5. Consult local people and interested partners on priorities and commissioning activities, including user and carer involvement.
  6. Make recommendations to those managing and commissioning older peoples mental health services based on the views of stakeholders across the ‘whole system’ of older people services.
  7. Work with relevant existing groups as appropriate.


Current providers include the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT), Richmond CCG, South West London & St. George’s Mental Health Trust (SWLStG), the Richmond Wellbeing Service (RWS), Hounslow and Richmond Community Health (HRCH), community and voluntary organisations, users and carers.

Members have the following responsibilities:

Representation and communication

  • Members of the OPMHSG are responsible for representing their organisation stakeholder group, and for both informing the group of their views and telling them about decisions taken and issues discussed by the group.

User and carer involvement

  • Service user and carer representatives on this group will facilitate service user and carer involvement. This will be further supported by organisations that run projects and provide services for service users and carers within forums set up to seek their involvement.

Task groups

  • Members may be asked by the group to join and/or chair task groups to develop specific aspects of the work plan, which may involve wider stakeholders.


  • Members who fail to attend will be replaced, at the discretion of the Chair.

Frequency of meetings

  • Meetings will take place quarterly with dates planned in advance.
OPMHSG members
Name Role Organisation
Dr Stavroula Lees MH GP lead Richmond CCG
Daniel Goldie Commissioning Manager Richmond CCG
Caroline O'Neill PPI Manager Richmond CCG
Gavin Shand Operations Manager Age UK Richmond
Margaret Dangoor Carer rep  Carer
Carol Williams Social Work Manager CILS (INS)
Jen Clarke Business Manager Homelink Day Respite Carer
Dr Sapna Gulati GP HRCH
Tom Penman   HRCH
Theresa Keegle Dementia Nurse HRCH
Nina Jalota Dementia Nurse HRCH
Richard Parry   Imperial
Duncan Burton Director of Nursing Kingston Hospital
Sasha Wade Dementia Lead Kingston Hospital
Dr Chooi Lee Consultant Geriatrician Kingston Hospital
TBC Senior Quality Assurance Officer LBRuT/Wandsworth
TBC Public Health Principal LBRuT/Wandsworth
TBC Principal Manager, Community Services LBRuT/Wandsworth
Aderemi Alaka Day and Community Services Manager LBRuT/Wandsworth
Joasia Marzec Senior Care Manager LBRuT/Wandsworth
Richard Eason Representative LGBT Forum
Laura Fox Chair LGBT Forum
Insp. Julie Challoner MH Liaison Met Police
Lucy Byrne   Raid
Kathy Sheldon Representative Richmond Healthwatch, FoBH
Hilary Dodd Services Manager Richmond Alzheimers Society
Val Farmer Chief Executive RB Mind
Dr Sim Roy Chowdhury Consultant Clinical Psychologist RWS, ELFT
Dr Helen Sparrow Senior CBT Supervisor | Counselling Psychologist RWS, ELFT
Dr Robert Lawrence Psychiatry of Old Age & Neuropsychiatry SWLStG
Dr Chiara Di Luca Consultant Psychiatrist SWLStG
Lisa Dakar   SWLStG
Gillian Moore Head of Service – Community and Cognition in Mental Health Ageing SWLStG
Ravneeta Singh Consultant Geriatrician WMUH
Jenny Bailey   Woodville Centre
Phillip Dick   WLMHT

Updated: 21 September 2017