Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbeing Board is chaired by Cllr Piers Allen. See below for profiles of members of the committee.

Councillor Piers Allen, (Chair) Richmond Council

"In addition to its role in the system leadership of health and care, the Health and Wellbeing Board is set to become an increasingly important cornerstone for planning and securing effective integration of health and social care by engaging the local NHS, public health, adult social care, children’s services, providers, primary care networks and the third sector in meaningful, collaborative partnerships."

Dr. Graham Lewis,  GP Richmond and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

"I am proud and pleased to be part of the health and wellbeing board, which is responsible for assessing the Richmond population’s social care and health needs and producing a strategy to deliver services which meet these needs. It is an excellent partnership between health and social care and provides an opportunity to improve outcomes for the people living in the borough of Richmond."

Bob Armitage, Richmond and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

"With an increasing number of people living longer and needing support and treatment for a number of different conditions, more and more people now receive care and support from several different doctors, social care staff and/or specialists. A top priority for the health and wellbeing board in the borough of Richmond is to ensure, where possible, services are more joined up and easier to navigate for anyone that needs them."

Liz Bruce, Director of Adult Social Services and Public Health, Richmond Council

"Health and wellbeing is important to everyone in Richmond upon Thames and is about much more than just illnesses or diseases. It is about people living in Richmond being able to lead fulfilling lives in relation to their physical, mental and social wellbeing. The Health and Wellbeing Board enables local councillors, GPs, directors of public health, adult and children’s services, along with representatives from the voluntary sector and patient voice, to work together in leading a more effective and responsive local health and care system. Improving lives for everyone."

James Thomas, Director of Children’s Services, Achieving for Children

"My job is to ensure that every child and young person in Richmond fulfils their potential and that Richmond is the very best of places to grow up.  Every child will benefit from the support of services that promote their health and development and every child will benefit from living in an environment that promotes their health and gives them every opportunity to flourish. And some children will need more specialist support to help them with a range of needs and vulnerabilities."

Kathryn Williamson, CEO Richmond Council for Voluntary Services (RCVS)

"The local voluntary and community sector has a significant role in providing health and wellbeing services in the borough, as well as being a vital champion and 'voice' for people who access health and care services.  RCVS representation on the Board has increased the profile and understanding of the sector to leaders in health and care services, which has in turn strengthened partnership working. This collaborative approach is essential if we are to effectively address the challenges we face and achieve the right health and care services for residents in Richmond."

Paul Martin, Chief Executive

"Health and Wellbeing Boards provide an opportunity to transform health and social care provision. We rely on all of our partners to play a part in improving the quality of life for all our residents. That is why our Health and Wellbeing Board will also look for more opportunities to work together, share resources and build upon examples of good work across all of our organisations."

Dr Alireza Salehzadeh, GP at Richmond and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

"The health and wellbeing board provides new and exciting opportunities to join up local services, create new partnerships with GPs, and deliver greater democratic accountability. Patients told us they were fed up with having to repeat the same information to different doctors or carers."

"We are working to change this by putting people and their goals at the centre of a team of health and care professionals who work together smoothly, with a single approach."

Councillor Brian Marcel   

"The theme of the Health and Well Being Board strategy is 'prevention and joined up services throughout people's lives to enable all residents to start well, live well, and age well’. Through the medium of the Health and Well Being Board we can get the public involved and help them take charge and responsibility for their health."

Tonia Michaelides, Managing Director at Richmond and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

"Through the health and wellbeing board, we have developed a strong collaboration with our voluntary, social care and public health partners that allows us to make the best use of our collective resources in a time of austerity."

"This may involve making decisions that may be hard for us, but right for the people living in the borough of Richmond. We want to make sure we have the best possible services available and accessible locally and for the community voice to be heard regarding the design, delivery and evaluation of local services."

Councillor Suzette Nicholson,   Richmond Council

"In the Health and Wellbeing Board we aim to identify the health and social care needs of the local residents of all ages. A plan has been put together, the Richmond Health and Care Plan, which gives foresight and actions to meet these needs. It covers the whole of a resident’s life and is about preventing illness as well as joining with the NHS in meeting health needs."

Councillor Michael Wilson, Richmond Council

"Given the inadequate national funding, the Health and Social Care sectors rely more and more on the voluntary sector to fill the gap. The Health and Wellbeing board allows us to make sure the voice of the voluntary sector is not lost."

Julie Risley, Healthwatch

"It is vitally important that the views of residents on health and social care services are shared and listened to when the most senior and influential decision makers meet. For this reason, we feel that the inclusion of Healthwatch on the Health and Wellbeing Board helps bring local people's voices to the fore. We are positive contributors in the development and promotion of plans to improve the health and wellbeing of our population through this key local partnership."

Shannon Katiyo, Acting Director of Public Health

"My role and that of the Public Health team is to advise on the health and wellbeing needs of Richmond residents and influence those responsible for our health services. We prepare a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which considers the different factors influencing health (how the population changes or needs of vulnerable groups). The JSNA forms the basis for our Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to collectively identify the needs and enable residents to have happy and healthy lives."

Updated: 21 August 2019